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Revenue & Tax Management

... Passion for Security and Care for Client

Ring Gold Integrated Systems, along with its associates, adopt process automation to solve issues that arise with levy collection. We are a professional establishment, and along with our affiliates, will bring expertise in enterprise system design and implementation, processes automation, general purpose and platform agnostic application development for organizations.

Levy Collection

When governments or organizations seek to collect tax or payment from the populace, we provide an automated, organized and easy method for carrying this out. We provide this service to remove the difficulties of handling collection from a large group of people. We employ state of the art technology as well as customized solutions for each situation. All our processes enhance client safety and security, especially in regions of Nigeria where high security risk concerns are prevalent.

Credit Collection Services

Along with our affiliates, we utilize our diverse network, to hasten your debt collection process. We proffer various solutions, communicate with your debtors in a professional manner to facilitate your payment. This service allows organizations and individuals to maximize revenue that would have been lost to bad debt. Our philosophy is to be diplomatic problems solvers who treat everyone with respect and care during negotiations. We also apply technological avenues to allow people fulfill their payment obligations.