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Security Services

... Passion for Security and Care for Client

Protocol Services:

We offer to meet and assist clients arriving or departing Nigeria. During arrival, our procedure is to meet clients at the immigration hall or baggage hall. The meet up point is adjusted based on the type of flight (international or domestic) as well as the client’s needs. We are also able to meet clients at the aircraft door. This service also includes helping clients through immigration
Our protocol service guiding clients from airport entrance through immigration and various security check points.

This service eliminates discomforts, delays and other fears that clients experience travelling in and through Nigeria. With our personnel who are well versed in the procedures of travelling in Nigeria, this becomes a peaceful visit.


Secure Mobility:

We provide this service to enhance client security, especially in regions of Nigeria with high security risk concerns. This service includes using highly experienced and trained personnel to analyses risk environment that clients plan to travel through, using experienced and trained personnel to transport clients and to uncover potential threats.
ecure Mobility covers various services including transportation, protection and logistics services. In carrying out the required services, we consider factors that pose a potential risk to our clients. This includes considering if a convoy profile is effective for the needs of our clients. We make sure we do not draw attention to our clients using sirens or aggressive driving. Our personnel are trained to work in a calm manner while blending in to local conditions.


Secure Drivers

We recruit and train our drivers, and in the process, ensure that they uphold our values and standards. We require that the drivers know how to avoid and prevent potential risks. They apply advanced driving skills which are tactical and defensive. They are trained to aim to increase client’s safety and comfort always. Our drivers are also trained for medical emergencies.
We ensure that our vehicles are well maintained and suitable for the multiple locations we operate in. We furnish all our vehicles with tracking devices to monitor our vehicles always.


Low Risk Areas

For these areas we use one backup vehicle (BV) and one principal vehicle (PV)
The Backup vehicle will have the driver, a commander and 2 armed mobile police while the principal vehicle will transport our clients, a driver and a commander.

High Risk Areas

These areas require two back up vehicles, one riding in the front and another at the back of the principal vehicle. Each back up vehicle will have a driver, commander, and two armed mobile police.

Other vehicles

We provide other vehicles aside from those mentioned above. These include:
Buses, SUVs and armored vehicles.